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We are in charge of marketing and sales of Hecker® glass ceramics.




  • neoblack

    - Heat resistance up to 750°
    - Thermal shock resistant
    neoblack glass ceramic with its elegant black glass is utilized particularly for ceramic stove tops, especially those heated with solid fuels. It is distinguished by its translucence and diverse design possibilities. No heavy metals are used in the production process.

  • neoclear

    - Heat resistance up to 750°
    - Thermal shock resistant
    By way of a polished surface, the Hecker glass ceramic neoclear , guarantees a clear view of fire. Due to its surface construction, neoclear is easy to clean and claims practically no glass flaws. It is produced without using heavy metals which cuts down 30 tons of arsenic per year.

  • neowhite

    - Heat resistance up to 750°
    - Thermal shock resistant
    With its expressive monolithic white, neowhite offers design specific options alongside its functional applications. The stylish look and elegant touch and feel of the surfaces accentuate the entire shape and form of the oven. No use of heavy metals in the production process.


  • Flat

    According to the preferences and drawings of our customers, we deliver our glass ceramics in the exact cut to meet their design ideas: rectangle, square, rounded panel and cut shape, including drill holes and recesses. In addition, we provide our glass ceramic as stock sizes with maximum dimensions of 2100 mm x1266 mm.

  • Winklig gebogen

    The curved glass ceramic panes create a timeless standard; a both elegant and expressive design. This design creates numerous visual perspectives and vantage points, thus setting a lavish display of the fireside. Furthermore, curved glass panels coin the design of an oven more than any other form of glass ceramic and turn your fireplace into gem inside your living room.

  • Bent

    Bent panes combine aesthetics and functionality. Their use allows for a significantly expanded vision angle and multiplies the design options. According to desire, we offer single or double bent panes in 45° or 90° constructions as well as flexible side lengths and our particularly robust bending edge, Bent+.



    In addition to its design element, a decorative print serves as a segue softening the variations between different materials or to conceal any undesirable elements. Panel printing extends to the border and 100% of the surface and is RoHS and REACH compliant.


    In addition to its design element, a logo print offers our customers to promote their company with every sold fire place. According to the preferences of our customers, the logo printing extends to the border and is RoHS and REACH compliant.

  • Colors

    In line with customer request, we offer printing in dark, opaque black, white or three shades of grey. Additional colors on inquiry


You can profit from all the neoclear glass ceramic product advantages in combination with our three coatings. Experience crystal clear views of fire with HRC, ARC or HMC coated glass.

  • Half mirror coating

    In spite of the coating you can still enjoy clear view on the fire and the cosiness of the flames. As soon as the fire dies out, the reflective coating works its wonders in eliminating ash and dirt.

  • Anti reflex Coating

    ARC coated panels reduce the light reflectivity of the glass ceramic to a minimum, so as to prevent disrupting the view on the fire.

  • Heat reflective coating

    The heat reflective coating HRC regulates heat rays while maintaining clear and constant visibility. HRC coated panels reduce heat permeability in the infrared zone up to 30% and convince by their pyrolytic self-cleaning capabilities. The reduction of heat permeability leads to higher temperatures within the combustion chamber, thus maximizing combustion efficiency and increasing the environmental friendliness of the fireplace all around.