SGA | Expertise
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The Special Glass Associates GmbH & Co. KG – short form SGA – specializes in the sales and marketing of special glasses. We build the bridge between the glass ceramic producer Hecker and its customers.

As an independent enterprise within the Hecker Glass Group, we like to see ourselves as mediator and supporter of our clients’ interests as well as those of Hecker.

Our gap bridging position allows us to equally meet the needs of the customers and the suppliers, and in the meanwhile acting as a catalyst for creative and innovative production, for the generation of synergies and as the source of inspiration.


Our core values and abilities revolve around our ability to understand the needs and wishes of our clients and to translate them into a product solution that fits like a glove. Our distinguished expertise in the field of special glass alongside our marketing and production know-how are talents which qualify us to meet all our customers’ needs.

Through constant dialogue with our partners we are able to build and maintain strong and trustful customer relations.


When it comes to customer relations we are not only reliable consultants but creative sparring partners as well. We hold the highest standards possible with regards to our job and the quality of our products, for we are just as enthusiastic about our products as our customers are. Due to our unique product staging we are able to turn a highly complex technology into an experience which can easily be sensed and understood, naturally to the advantage of our customers.


The true basis of our work, as we would define it, is facilitation, the art in form of dialogue, via our own applicable and high level of competence alongside our positive core values, to act as a moderator capable of ensuring equitable and profitable exchanges among our partners.